Trusted Company in Farm and Livestock Products
Provision of pure agriproducts direct from farm, domestic animal food, poultry and farming equipment.

What is SIKAF Green Market

SIKAF Green Market is a corporate business under SIKAF Group of Companies Limited. It deals with provision of farm and livestock products direct from ranch.

Why choose SIKAF Green Market:

  • We provide innovative and new quality solutions to enable our clients to achieve their objectives.
  • We combine leading edge knowledge of international best practices with unmatched local knowledge.
  • We assemble project-specific teams that bring together the exact expertise our client's need.
  • We do delivery.
  • Our products are 100% Organic.

Our Services

Pure agriproducts direct from farm

Fresh fish and aqua culture

Supplying fresh organic vegetables, fruits and grains

Supplying domestic animal food

Supplying poultry and farming equipment

Education and agribusiness counselling

Agriculture field officer consultation

Our Products

Poultry Products

  • Birds
    1. Chicken
    2. Duck
    3. Guinea Fowl
    4. Francolin
    5. Pigeon
  • Animals
    1. Goat
    2. Sheep
    3. Cow
  • Fish
    1. Tilapia
    2. Catfish

Farming Products

  • Vegetables
    1. Spinach
    2. Leaf Lettuce
    3. Tomato
    4. Pepper
  • Fruits
    1. Cucumber
    2. Strawberry
  • Spices
    1. Special Fish Spice (Masala)
    2. Special Chicken Spice (Masala)
    3. Biryani and Pilau Spice (Masala)
    4. Beef Spice (Masala)
    5. Herbal Spices
  • Tea
    1. Herbal Tea
    2. Real Tea
    3. Blend Tea

Agricultural Equipment

  • Livestock
    1. Chicken cages
    2. Pellet machines
    3. Animal feed equipment
    4. Incubator equipment
  • Farming
    1. Greenhouse
    2. Irrigation tools
    3. Farming Tools